About Us

At Legend of Asia, we blend traditional Eastern culture with timeless, sophisticated, transitional style and elevate a room's distinctive appearance to give it that WOW! factor.

We begin by handcrafting and hand painting our porcelain in family workshops still using a time-honored technique and skills only passed down generationally.  High fire porcelain makes it water proof, weather proof.  It also allows for more vivid and unique colors.  Our products are made piece-by-piece, never mass produced, in Jingdezhen, a small town where porcelain was originally invented and known as the capital of ceramic.

Our home accent pieces can stand alone or in a grouping, from antique to a more modern design. 
We are dedicated and proud to offer the industry's widest range of Chinese porcelains. We also have in house lamp production, we can almost turn any jar or vase to a unique table lamp for your client to be surprised with.